Hello, due date…

I know your expected due date is not the be all and end all. It’s just a guide. And in fact only a very small percentage of babies are born on their due date.

That is why I’m so surprised to still be pregnant. 40 weeks pregnant today.

I was so sure I would have a baby in my arms by now. Partly because my first baby was born in my 38th week of pregnancy and partly because by my “period maths” my due date was actually 10 days ago.

But alas, I have no baby to hold yet. Just a huge belly, the unmistakable saunter of a heavily pregnant woman and a very sore vagina!

Going overdue doesn’t bother me per say, I have no doubt that baby will come when it’s good and ready. Despite joking that I might just be pregnant forever! But what’s starting to wear me down is the pre labour I’ve been experiencing for two weeks now. 

Yup, I’ve been having contractions on and off for two weeks. More often than not in the wee hours of the morning so losing more and more sleep with each night. As if trying to sleep at full term wasn’t uncomfortable enough!

But the growing anticipation will surely only make that first meeting even more sweet. And maybe make the labour easier to bear as I will just be so bloody glad when it actually starts for real.

In the back of my mind though is the persistent thought that today is the last chance to have this baby before my sister leaves for her amazing overseas holiday for 5 weeks. She was present at my first birth and has such an incredible relationship with Jesse. I will be terribly sad if she not only misses out on those first newborn weeks but misses meeting baby before she leaves. No doubt she will make up for it on her return. 

Ultimately though, it is out of my hands and I know that things will unfold with divine and perfect timing.

Whenever you are ready my darling…

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