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When we delved into what the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ really meant, these words summed it up beautifully. It is also the perfect introduction to The 365 Project.

The idea for The 365 Project is what really changed our thinking on what the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ was, and our vision for what it could become. It was the idea that inspired us to expand on the ‘Not So Secret Life of Us’ concept that we had started and build a brand that would incorporate our love of making YouTube vlogs with blogging and photography.

Where this will ultimately lead we don’t yet know. But as we excitedly chatter until all hours of the morning about one day becoming well-known bloggers, YouTubers and even published authors we are filled with unbridled enthusiasm and passion for this project.

So what are we getting ourselves in for?


Simply put, The 365 Project is a brutally honest account of a year in the life of a new mum and a new dad.

Maternity 5

The idea stemmed from a Valentine’s Day gift from Kaine whereby each day for a whole year, 365 days, we would take turns at writing in a book something we loved about the other person. It could be something specific that happened that day or just something about them that made us fall in love with them and keeps us hanging around after all this time. Funny, serious, silly; it didn’t matter. What a wonderful thing for us and our future children to look back on.

This led to a light bulb moment for Kaine as he suggested we do something similar to document our first 365 days as parents.

And The 365 Project was born.

If you’ve checked out our About page you’ll know our vision for the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ is to put a spin on the usual parenting blogs and hopefully give you some relief from (not add to) the nightmare that is your Facebook newsfeed. Come on, we all have that one friend who won’t shut up about their kid and how often it poops! Instead we want to be real, relatable and spread a bit of sunshine into your day. The 365 Project is part of that vision.


As we explored the idea further, excitedly bantering back and forth, our mission for The 365 Project came to fruition.

We will:

  • For the entire first year of Jesse’s life and our first year as parents, chronicle our journey through writings and photos.
  • Both journal something every day of Jesse’s first year of life and our first year as parents, no excuses (no matter how sleep deprived we are)!
  • Each take a photo every day of Jesse’s first year of life and our first year as parents, no excuses (crappy, badly lit, grainy selfies at 5 minutes to midnight included)!
  • Not share our journal entries or photos with each other, until after Jesse’s first birthday (the official end of the project).
  • At the conclusion of The 365 Project, compile and publish the journals and photos as two individual books titled ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us: A year in the life of a first time Dad’ and ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us: A year in the life of a first time Mum’.


There are no rules about how we individually choose to go about the project; our writing style or what we photograph each day. It may be a diary entry, a letter to baby or each other, a funny story or a simple one liner that sums up the day’s events. As long as we do it every day.

So how does this blog fit in if we are keeping it a secret from each other?

We loved the concept of keeping our daily accounts a secret until the end of the 12 months but we wanted to still be able to share our journey in real time and incorporate the project into the ‘Not So Secret Life of Us’ allowing us to connect with other parents and families as we go. So while we won’t be posting our daily journals on the blog we will share an individual weekly update.


Now, just sit back and enjoy as we rookie parents share our journey of The 365 Project with you. And who knows, after our first year of parenthood you may even be able to get your hands on published books!

Join us as we explore, discover, love and live.

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