Where plants go to die!!!

We don’t have very many plants in our house…

And of the ones we do have, most of them are very reasonably priced plastic plants that we’ve picked up from the DIY decorating sanctuary that is the home section of our local Kmart.

And the reason why we don’t have many plants in our house… well it’s simple really… Renee is pretty close to holding the record for having the worst record in the world when it comes to keeping plants alive.

I mean, sure, she can keep our kids alive… fed, watered, bathed, clothed… but keeping a simple plant alive… EPIC FAIL!!!

I mean, look at this photo right here. I am pretty sure that Renee is the first person on earth, who has managed to make a plant go mouldy! How does that even happen!!! And yes, that is a piece of broken glass amongst the mouldy soil.

What about some of the other plants we’ve had that Renee has tried to keep alive. Well, just look at them. Dead, dead and dead. So dead, that even the yellow plastic butterfly looks depressed to be associated with what’s left of whatever type of flowers these crusty twigs were supposed to sprout.

Renee even managed to kill off every single one of the Woolworths seedlings that we got. They hardly got any water that those things were as dry as eating a Jatz cracker without any dip!

Honey… when it comes to being a mother, you truly are Super Woman! But when it comes to plants, well… I love you!

2 thoughts on “Where plants go to die!!!

  1. Hi Kaine,

    Renee hasn’t got that on her own. Green fingers, nah, I have brown ones.

    (Renee, Has Kaine any plants that he can ‘Crow’ about?)


    Yvonne Sadler


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