Footage Friday: 3 Months Postpartum Update

I managed to get a few minutes to sit and record our three month postpartum update. 

It’s a little update on how mum and Bub are doing. And it’s only about a month late so we’re doing well!

*Yes, there is a bit cut out of the video about how Jesse is adjusting to the new addition. My bad! But rest assured he’s coping just fine. My editing skills however…

Footage Friday: Festival of Lights

Last weekend we decided to take the kids to the Festival of Lights at Westfield Chermside.

And they absolutely loved it!!!

It was Jesse’s first time seeing fireworks… but, he didn’t get frightened, and in fact, he didn’t know where to look there was so much happening.

Jasper was also a little trooper, not even flinching when the fireworks started up!

We will definitely have to do something like this with the kids again!

10 things you may not know about us…

Wow… what a journey it’s already been on this ride we call the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’.

Last week, we posted on Facebook that we had almost hit 600 likes. We promised that when we did hit that magic 600 likes, that we would release a special video to celebrate.

Well, we did it! We hit 600 likes! WOOO HOOO!!! That is 600 of you out there in internet land that have taken the time out of your busy lives to visit our humble little page, read our humble little blog or watch our humble little YouTube channel. And for that, we say thank you.

So, as was promised, here is the special video for the celebration of this wonderful milestone! A video that we had enormous fun filming and editing. A video that we are actually quite proud of. A video that we enjoying watching back as much as we enjoyed filming.

A video called, ’10 things you may not know about us…’

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported us on any of the many social media platforms we use. We really do appreciate it.

Enjoy the video…

Kaine & Renee

Footage Friday: Jesse’s Big Boy Bedroom

So… it is getting closer and closer… and closer and closer… to the due date of Baby Barton #2.

Time is absolutely flying by at such a rapid pace that I feel like we only found out we were pregnant just the other day.

And as time ticks by, there is one thing that we have been meaning to do. And that is, to create a proper Big Boy Bedroom for Jesse.

Because the room he was using still looked and felt like a nursery, we figured the easiest option for us would be to turn the spare room into Jesse’s Big Boy Bedroom, and move him into there, rather than converting the nursery and having to shift two lots of furniture.

And so that brings us to Sunday, 27 January 2017. The day we finally committed to creating his bedroom… and wow, did it turn out great!!!

We are so happy with it. In fact, I’m a little jealous… I wish we had stuff like this for our bedrooms when I was a kid!!!

But we did… We finally bit the bullet, went to Ikea and Kmart, stocked up on flat packs and the necessary trimmings, and created what is now, Jesse’s Big Boy Bedroom.

I think it turned out pretty good too… If I don’t say so myself!

Footage Friday: Baby Loves Early Mornings

We love to look back on the little moments we have captured in our lives. Especially of Jesse as he is growing up. 

This video was captured when he was about 4 months old. One of the precious moments shared by Mum and Bub in the wee hours one morning. 

It’s so special to relive this time in our lives. And it makes me so excited to create new memories like this when we get to know our new little Bub soon. 

Footage Friday: 10 Year Anniversary

Last Friday, Renee and I celebrated our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!

And wow, what an amazing day it turned out to be!

We started the day with a drive into Brisbane City to participate in the Story Bridge Adventure Climb, which is apparently, one of only 3 bridges worldwide that the public are able to climb (legally).

We then had lunch at the Story Bridge Hotel before heading over to our hotel for the night to check in.

Our hotel? None other than The Treasury Hotel, the very same hotel we stayed at on our wedding night.

A fancy dinner at Alchemy along Eagle Street Pier ended our perfect day.

And the best thing about it, was that we filmed it all. It’s been a while since we’ve posted a vlog on our YouTube channel… But this feels like the perfect time to jump back into vlogging on the lead up to Christmas (Vlogmas version 2.0 anyone?).

It’s a fairly long video, but we hope you enjoy it none-the-less.

Footage Friday: Jesse loves the outdoors!

So Jesse absolutely loves the outdoors!

So much so that it doesn’t even matter if its 8pm and pitch black out… He still wants to go outside to play.

So that’s why we try and give him every opportunity we can to get outdoors, get his feet in the grass or in the dirt or in the sand… and get dirty!

And going by his squealing in this video, he was absolutely loving his time outdoors yesterday!