Photo Friday: First days at home…

Wow, what a whirlwind the past week as been.

And now, we have a brand new human at home that we are fully responsible for (why did the hospital let us go home?!).

The first days at home have been surreal, but also amazing, as Jasper, Jesse, Renee and I all bond and bind as a foursome instead of a threesome.

Also, I think we have the cutest baby on earth at home with us (slightly biaised opinion of course).

Photo Friday: 30 week photo shoot

Last weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of again meeting up with the very talented Renee Trubai for a 30 week pregnancy and family photo session.

It was one of the hottest days of the current heat wave we are experiencing, and we travelled all the way to the other side of town, but it was well worth it.

We feel extremely lucky to know Renee. She is a wonderful photographer specialising in lifestyle, family and maternity shoots. And after working with her on a number of occasions already, there is simply no one else we would trust taking our photographs.

And despite it being such a hot and humid day, and the fact that Jesse didn’t really want to stay still enough to take any substantial number of photos, it still turned out to be a great day… and we still ended up with some amazing photos!!!

Thanks again Renee… you truly are an amazing photographer!

Photo Friday: Beating the heat 

It seems we are on the grip of a month-long heat wave here in Brisbane. It is unrelenting! And at 30 weeks pregnant I have no qualms when it comes to complaining about it. 

Our Tuesday Kanga class is held at an aquatic centre so after class this week, Jesse and I headed out for a swim to cool down. 

I honestly don’t know who enjoyed it more. It was so great to feel cool and weightless in the water. 

We played and cuddled in the water for over an hour and it was heavenly. 

Photo Friday: Summer Love

Summer in Queensland is hot. Very hot. So whenever you get the chance to swim in a pool, you take it!

And that’s exactly what we did yesterday.

It was a such a nice and relaxing day by the pool with some good company, good food, and good laughs.

Exactly how summer should be spent in Queensland.

Oh yea, and we also have the worlds youngest beer pong player on our hands. Because once we cracked out the cups and table tennis balls, all Jesse wanted to do was play too.






Photo Friday: 2016, it’s a wrap!

2016 has come and gone. It’s official. We are now in 2017.

Renee and I are another year older. Jesse has a few more teeth. And neither of us are much wiser…

But we did achieve a lot in 2016.

We laughed…

We cried…

We celebrated…

We did a lot. So what better way to celebrate the year that was, then with a snapshot of the year in photos we’ve taken along the way.

So with that said, here is our 2016 snapshot in photos… enjoy! 🙂

Photo Friday: Cranky Santa Photos

So… Jesse got his photo taken with Santa again this year.

However, it didn’t quite go as smoothly as it did last Christmas.

Last Christmas, Jesse was fascinated with the fat man in the red suit with a big bushy white beard. So much so that all he wanted to do was tug on his beard.

This year however… well, I think the photo speaks for itself.

I don’t think Jesse quite liked sitting on Santa’s lap this year. I can’t be positive about that, but it’s definitely a strong feeling I get!

There’s always next year!!!

Photo Friday: Baby Barton Number 2 Morphology Scan

Today, we had our morphology scan for Baby Barton number 2!

Wow… how great is it that we live in a world with such amazing technology!!!

We had forgotten how amazing and beautiful it is to be able to see a tiny human growing inside Renee’s tummy… hearing it’s tiny heartbeat… seeing it’s tiny feet and hands… seing it’s profile for the first time.

Wow… it’s starting to get real now…

Photo Friday: Story Bridge Climb

Have you ever taken a day (or a week) to explore and be a tourist in your own city?

We like to do this regularly and just recently, to kick off our 10th wedding anniversary, we took in the spectacular sights of Brisbane from the top of the Story Bridge.

Apart from barely making it out alive thanks to a very angry crow (possibly a slight exaggeration by someone with a bird phobia) protecting his nest, the climb was amazing. Definitely an item ticked off the dreams list.