Footage Friday: Jesse’s First Birthday

A few days before we celebrated Jesse’s first birthday with our family and friends at his party, we spent his actual birthday together as a little family.

Amongst the routine of meals and bath time we opened presents, played together and enjoyed a picnic in the warm sunshine.

It was a perfect day.

Flashback Footage Friday: Euro Trip Day 3

We can’t believe it has now been two years since our epic Euro adventure.

This day in 2014 saw us tick a massive item off our bucket list – seeing the Eiffel Tour. We also ate snails, visited the Sacre Coeur and the iconic Moulin Rouge. It was the first real opportunity to sight see on the trip as the first few days were taken up mostly with being on planes, trains or automobiles.

Photo Friday: Autumn Days

One of the things we love about living in Brisbane (there are many) is that it is practically summer all year round. We are starting to see some cooler mornings and evenings but the days are still beautifully warm and sunny.

This week we ventured outdoors a few times to soak up a bit of of Vitamin D and enjoy play time outside.


Photo Friday: Getting back to nature

This is a bit of a throwback Thursday on a Friday.

Yes. That totally makes sense!

We love getting outdoors with Jesse. And he absolutely LOVES it! Crawling in the grass… the fresh air… the wonderful new smells and sights… It must be like a sensory overload for him.

And now that it’s getting a little bit cooler, I imagine us getting outdoors a lot more often!

Autumn in Queensland = Love!


Boating and BBQing

Yesterday was a great day!

We decided to go childless…

That’s right. We dropped Jesse off at Grandma and Grandpa’s and headed out for a day on the water!

There was 11 of us in total. And we had an absolute blast! It was so good to get out for a day without Jesse (don’t get me wrong, we absolutely LOVE Jesse, but it is good to get some time to yourself every once in a while) and have a few drinks with some friends.

It was so fun in fact, that we shouldn’t wait 10 years to do it again like we did this time round!

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Jesse’s First Easter

Most Easter long weekends you will find us camping, usually with family out at Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. But this Easter weekend, Jesse’s first Easter we stayed close to home and enjoyed 4 days of fun, family and relaxation.

On Good Friday we ventured to the Sails Festival at Suttons Beach. Us and pretty much everyone else from the Moreton Bay region! Finding a car park took about 3 times as long as it took to drive there but we finally found one. We enjoyed a few hours by the seaside browsing the markets, eating delicious food and chilling out with my folks.

Saturday morning was a pretty typical one for us, weight training followed by domestic duties. But in the afternoon Kaine and I headed out for some lunch and a wander around the shops. Just the two of us while Jesse had some Aunty Lia time (he slept for the first two hours much to her dismay).

On Easter Sunday, as I watched my Facebook feed fill with the great lengths parents went to for Easter egg hunts, we headed off bright and early to Lake Somerset. We aren’t big on the whole chocolate thing at Easter time. But I see as Jesse gets older we will have to lift our game – some parents were going all out with bunny footprints through the house and the whole deal!

Our day on the lake was great. Jesse had his first boat ride (apparently V8 engines are soothing and he went straight to sleep) and my first time driving a jet ski (do you drive a jet ski?). It rained a little and was overcast most of the day but we didn’t care. We had a great time.




We closed out the weekend with a day at home. We filmed Jesse’s 9 month milestone video and enjoyed a family stroll to the park in the afternoon.

Long weekends are divine aren’t they.

Footage Friday: Jesse learns to swim!

So last week, Jesse had his first swimming lesson… And he absolutely loved it!

My sister-in-law Tamika, is no stranger to the pool. She is a dual Olympian for synchronised swimming, so when we started talking about when would be a good time to start some swimming lessons and who we could go to for lessons, Tamika was the perfect choice!

Saves us getting into the pool to teach him. Especially considering Kaine isn’t a keen swimmer.

Jesse really started to enjoy it toward the end of his lesson, and he started to get the hang of being dunked under water. As you can see in the video, he starts to realise that at the count of three comes the dunking… And he makes the cutest little face in preparation.

I bet were going to end up with one of those kids that loves the water!

The Crawling Diaries

Having a crawling baby is awesome. It really is a ton of fun. I’m not joking by the way… It may sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not. Honest!

I mean, having a newborn that just lays there being all cute is great. But when they start crawling… wow… Awesomely fun times ahead.

Let’s look at the positives of having a crawling, mobile, active baby in the house.

Firstly, there’s all the baby proofing you need to do.


There’s going around and baby proofing draws and cupboards and fridges and anything that’s baby height that they can open and investigate. There’s taking practically everything off any shelving that is within reach that could be broken, swallowed or destroyed. And even if it can’t be broken, swallowed or destroyed, you better remove it anyway because it’s guaranteed the baby will find the one and only way to break, swallow or destroy it anyways. There’s gating off the TV cabinets and rooms which make it even hard for adults to navigate. You see… fun.

Then, there’s the fact that you no longer need a gym membership (cancel that sh** and save yourself the money), because you spend nearly all day racing around the house after your crawling baby.



There’s constantly rescuing the cat from the crawling and inquisitive baby that wants nothing more than to tug on its tail and pull out its hair. There’s the constant getting up and down and up and down to grab the baby from the blinds because no matter how many times you growl at him and tell him no, he just looks back at you, flashes a big “f*** you” smile and continues to pull on them (#whatana**hole). Did I mention the fact that in both of these situations you are constantly bending down to pick up a 10kg baby from the floor. Squats anyone?

On top of that, there’s the fun times when you lose sight of the mobile little tacker and you have a mild heart attack because you can’t help but think he’s probably found the ONE BLOODY THING in the house that you overlooked when you baby proofed that could hurt him.


Oh, and have I mentioned the wrestling match that is now trying to get a nappy and clothes on the crawling baby? What was once a fairly simple task, has now turned into an episode of the WWF. Tumble-turns, flips, tantrums and all…

I mean come on kid, why do you have such an aversion to getting dressed all of a sudden. You can crawl until your hearts content in like, 30 seconds. Just let me get this damn nappy nappy on you!!!

But in all seriousness, it is pretty great seeing your beloved little one crawling around being inquisitive and exploring the house. It can be more entertaining than TV. Watching them crawl around the house, every now and again looking back at you to flash a smile. Looking back at you for approval that they’re doing a great job crawling all on their own.

And at the end of the day, let’s enjoy this crawling period, because soon enough, they start walking and even worse… running.

And that, is a whole different kettle of fish!

Photo Friday: Mum and bub cool off in the pool

With only a few days of Summer left there is no sign of it cooling down any time soon.

After a particularly hot and sweaty morning of Kangatraining, Jesse and I headed over to Nanny’s to test out the new baby pool she bought him.

We pulled it out of the box, pumped it up and promptly heard a loud hissing sound. Brand new and it had a hole in it! Not be be deterred, mum pulls out the sticky tape and in a ‘Big Hero 6’ like manner we taped up the hole and headed outside to fill it up.

Jesse and I had a lovely time cooling down and having a splash together.