Giggling Baby

So this video is a little old… but it is still definitely worth sharing. It is from the first time we were able to get Jasper to really laugh.

Daddy was being very silly… Jasper was being completely adorable… And the end result was this damn cute video of him cracking up laughing for the first time!

Remember to sit down, take a breath, and enjoy the simple things in life… like giggling babies!

Footage Friday: 3 Months Postpartum Update

I managed to get a few minutes to sit and record our three month postpartum update. 

It’s a little update on how mum and Bub are doing. And it’s only about a month late so we’re doing well!

*Yes, there is a bit cut out of the video about how Jesse is adjusting to the new addition. My bad! But rest assured he’s coping just fine. My editing skills however…

Footage Friday: Festival of Lights

Last weekend we decided to take the kids to the Festival of Lights at Westfield Chermside.

And they absolutely loved it!!!

It was Jesse’s first time seeing fireworks… but, he didn’t get frightened, and in fact, he didn’t know where to look there was so much happening.

Jasper was also a little trooper, not even flinching when the fireworks started up!

We will definitely have to do something like this with the kids again!

Marvel Monday

If there are any Marvel fans in the house, put your hands up!!!

*raises hands*

Yesterday, I finally made it into Brisbane and the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to check out the Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe exhibit…

And wow… it was AWESOME!!!

According to the GOMA website:
“Drawing on Marvel’s extensive archive of original comic books, spectacular concept art, props and costumes, as well as private collections, the exhibition features over 500 unique objects including Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s suit of armour, Captain America’s shield, and never-before-seen set pieces from the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok 2017, including the majestic Asgardian throne room.”

I have never seen so many awesome superhero things in place before. It was just amazing!

And as photography was welcomed, and I just happened to have my trustee Olympus mirror-less with me, I managed to get enough footage to put this short video together.

If you don’t end up getting to the exhibit first hand, I hope you enjoy this video instead!

10 things you may not know about us…

Wow… what a journey it’s already been on this ride we call the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’.

Last week, we posted on Facebook that we had almost hit 600 likes. We promised that when we did hit that magic 600 likes, that we would release a special video to celebrate.

Well, we did it! We hit 600 likes! WOOO HOOO!!! That is 600 of you out there in internet land that have taken the time out of your busy lives to visit our humble little page, read our humble little blog or watch our humble little YouTube channel. And for that, we say thank you.

So, as was promised, here is the special video for the celebration of this wonderful milestone! A video that we had enormous fun filming and editing. A video that we are actually quite proud of. A video that we enjoying watching back as much as we enjoyed filming.

A video called, ’10 things you may not know about us…’

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported us on any of the many social media platforms we use. We really do appreciate it.

Enjoy the video…

Kaine & Renee

Jesse LOVES twenty one pilots!!!

When Jesse was younger (not that he’s all that old now… hahaha), he used to love it when I would lay him on my chest, play music videos on my iPhone and sing along.

And it would appear that lately, he has started to enjoy this once again.

But its not just any music videos that he will lay there to enjoy while he drifts off to sleep… oh no… it MUST be twenty one pilots videos. He just LOVES twenty one pilots!

As soon as he hears the beginning of Heathens start playing, he runs over to me with a grin from ear to ear, climbs up on my chest, gets comfortable and just enjoys the music and my singing (as horrible as it is) while he drifts off to sleep.

Heathens… Stressed Out… Lane Boy… heavydirtysoul… he loves them all.

Now I don’t really know if the music video for Heathens is the most appropriate video for an almost 2 year old to watch, but hey… at least he likes good music right!!!


What I’ve learnt from Peppa Pig

Let’s talk about Peppa Pig…

Yes. That’s right, this whole post is dedicated to the one and only… Peppa Pig. That infuriatingly frustrating children’s program that you just can’t seem to get away from once you have kids!

Well it would seem that, as we may have mentioned before, Jesse is a big fan of good old Peppa and George Pig. So much so that sometimes, it’s the only thing that will settle him down when he’s in a bad state with teething pain or if he’s sick or if he’s cranky. Now before the ‘Parenting Police’ come marching out of the woodwork and start chastising us for allowing our toddler to have screen time… I would like to say that we are aware of the negative impacts screen time can have on children under two, we do feel bad that he has screen time, we do however monitor his screen time, and that at the end of the day screen time is just part of modern day parenting.


That all said, he loves Peppa Pig… Sassy attitude and all. And with the amount of Peppa Pig we have consumed as a result of being parents, there are a few things that I have learnt along the way. Now, don’t take this as a be all and end all list… these are just a few of the observations I’ve made and/or things I’ve learnt along the way…

  1. When you are a part of a group of people, whether it be large or small, when you start to laugh at something, everyone MUST fall onto their backs or else you’re not laughing properly! It’s true… In fact, according to Peppa Pig, it is physically impossible not to fall on your back when you start laughing with your friends or family!
  2. A yoyo is the best toy in the whole world and is something to get extremely excited about. Forget big expensive toys and video games fellow parents, just buy your kids a yoyo. Because if Peppa is to be judged, based off of her excitement level at receiving a yoyo for Christmas, there is simply nothing else in the world that can top it!
  3. Every damn time you see, hear or say dinosaur, you have to say it exactly the same as George Pig, complete with the “GRRRR” at the end!
  4. Peppa Pig is the sassiest pig I’ve ever seen and has no issues ordering around anyone and everyone. That said, Suzy Sheep also has a fair bit of sass. And when those two get together, oh boy, it’s like a sass fest!!!
  5. That spiders are friends and are nothing to be afraid of. Obviously, Peppa Pig and family haven’t been to Australia and encountered the big, deadly f*** off spiders that we have on offer. Even Hunstmans are terrifying!
  6. That everyone must have alliterated names! Suzy Sheep. Emily Elephant. Peppa Pig. Candy Cat. That is, unless your name is George. Just don’t worry about it if your name is George… it’s all good in the hood!
  7. That despite veterinarians best advice, it’s okay for any animal, including Danny Dog, to eat chocolate cake!
  8. Rabbits are job hogs and have probably caused unemployment rates to rise by 80%! Why doesn’t Miss Rabbit just give up a few of her jobs? Why does she work so many jobs? Does she have a drug habit she’s trying to support? Is she secretly an alcoholic because of the long hours she works? What happens when she has customers at different jobs at the same time?
  9. That I’ve probably seen every episode at least twice and that I could probably win a Peppa Pig trivia night.
  10. And that regardless of who or what you are, everybody enjoys jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

So, my fellow parents… what about you? What children’s shows are your kids addicted to? What shows have you seen so many times that the images have been permanently burned onto your retina?

What shows do you absolutely 100% despise, but will find yourself sitting there and watching with your kids and secretly enjoying it.

And with that, I will say goodbye… because I’m off to watch some more Peppa Pig!

Footage Friday: Jesse’s Big Boy Bedroom

So… it is getting closer and closer… and closer and closer… to the due date of Baby Barton #2.

Time is absolutely flying by at such a rapid pace that I feel like we only found out we were pregnant just the other day.

And as time ticks by, there is one thing that we have been meaning to do. And that is, to create a proper Big Boy Bedroom for Jesse.

Because the room he was using still looked and felt like a nursery, we figured the easiest option for us would be to turn the spare room into Jesse’s Big Boy Bedroom, and move him into there, rather than converting the nursery and having to shift two lots of furniture.

And so that brings us to Sunday, 27 January 2017. The day we finally committed to creating his bedroom… and wow, did it turn out great!!!

We are so happy with it. In fact, I’m a little jealous… I wish we had stuff like this for our bedrooms when I was a kid!!!

But we did… We finally bit the bullet, went to Ikea and Kmart, stocked up on flat packs and the necessary trimmings, and created what is now, Jesse’s Big Boy Bedroom.

I think it turned out pretty good too… If I don’t say so myself!