Photo Friday: Baby Barton Diaries – The Final Chapter

What’s this? Another video for Photo Friday? You betcha!

Throughout our pregnancy, we uploaded a series of videos called ‘Baby Barton Diaries’. Well, as you are all aware, our pregnancy journey came to an end just over 4 weeks ago when we welcomed little Jesse Jack to the world.

Yesterday we recorded the final Baby Barton Diary entry where we talk about the labour and delivery, our experiences at the hospital and my infamous ‘Cigars, Scotch and Cards’ night to celebrate the birth of Jesse.

Because of it’s length, it ended up becoming 2 separate videos (Part One and Part Two). So that said, we hope you enjoy the 2 part finale of our ‘Baby Barton Diaries’ video series.

Part one:

Part Two:

If you are interested in seeing any of the previous videos we did throughout our pregnancy, you can check them out on the Baby Barton YouTube Playlist HERE.

Photo Friday: Pregnancy Time-lapse

Our Photo Friday is a bit different today. Instead of sharing a photo, you are getting a video of photos.

Throughout our first pregnancy, we decided to take photos with the hope of putting together a pregnancy time-lapse. And now that our little Jesse is finally here, we were able to finish the photo series and edit the final product together.

There isn’t any gimmicks in this time-lapse (like pumping the pregnant belly up with a bicycle pump, which we have seen in a similar video), but it turned out just how we imagined.

So here it is for you to enjoy, our pregnancy time-lapse, which is a record of the progression of our first pregnancy.