Happy One Month Birthday

We have a four week old baby. Yup, we have managed to navigate our way through parenthood for one whole month. And fairly successfully I would say.

Most say by the six week mark we will finally emerge from the haze that is life with a newborn. That sounds about right too as I don’t quite think we are there yet. However we have started to find a rhythm and even on the most difficult days there is still so much to be joyful about. Jesse is starting to smile a lot so that is all that we need to brighten our day and lift our spirits.

He is also starting to spend more time awake. Instead of just feeding and sleeping we now have a sprightly and curious bub for several hours a day. So we have been finding ways we can interact with him and help him develop.

You’ll find us giving Jesse a blow by blow of everything we are doing from changing his nappy and clothes to a running commentary of the Brisbane Broncos game.

And today we have pulled out his new play mat and a multitude of rattles and toys (all which were gifts from family and friends) so that we can start some play time with him.

I have no idea whether it is too early for all of that, but he already seemed to really like the shiny colours and interesting noises of the toys hanging across his carrier. And then it all must have got too much for him because he soon fell fast asleep. A win-win I suppose.

One Month Old Photo

I was hoping not to be one of those parents that wishes their child doesn’t grow up and instead just relish in every stage and every age. But even four weeks in I am starting to have those thoughts. He has already changed so much since he was born and pretty soon he will be too big for his 00000 clothes.

A reminder that no matter how monotonous or challenging some days may feel, this too shall pass. So drink it all in and cherish all the beautiful moments. And the tough ones too.

3 thoughts on “Happy One Month Birthday

  1. Happy 4 weeks little man! So many new adventures for you to discover little Jesse! The whole world awaits you. While we all enjoy these precious moments when they are little, it’s hard not to imagine his future too. He will be kicking that footy in the backyard with his big cousin in no time! Wearing their Brisbane Broncos singlets no doubt.

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  2. I have a four week old too….. It’s such an amazing time watching them change every day! I am also already thinking that she is growing up way too quickly! X


  3. It is a wonderful idea letting all family and friends know whats happening with The Barton family..I sent you a mess not so long back letting you know.if and when you need.someone to help out in anyway please dont hesitate to contact me..It will be difficult to get a look im with two very zealous mothers to get past … But if you need a hand with anything at all just text me or whatever. Love you all heaps..


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