Re-branding Not So Secret Life Of Us

Ever since we first released our ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ project, I haven’t entirely been happy with our little watermark that we use for our photos and YouTube videos.

So with that in mind, I’ve been working tirelessly (well… not really… but I have been working most of the day) on a new logo and watermark design that both Renee and I are 100% happy with.

So with that said, I can happily say that I have finished the design, both Renee and I are really happy with it… and here it is.


From here on in, you will now be seeing this logo on all of the Not So Secret Life Of Us photos and YouTube videos, along with replacing the profile photo for our Facebook page.

As well as that, we will be printing up some stickers to help us promote our blog and promote this incredible journey we are on.

Let us know what you think of our new logo… and if you would like a sticker for your car, fridge, diary, husbands forehead… contact us through our Facebook page so we can send you some through the mail.

Again, thanks to everyone who has shown their support for this project.

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