Our Little Giggling Baby

So this happened yesterday…

Jesse’s first (proper) giggle.

HOW ADORABLE IS HE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy that we managed to get this on camera.

So how did we manage to get him to giggle? Well, Nanny and Poppy were over for lunch and to get ready for a country race day at Doomben Racecourse. Poppy decided to take him outside to play with Pacey while the girls were getting ready and sure enough, it was our dog Pacey and his barking that first made our little Jesse giggle.

Of all the things that we thought we could get Jesse to giggle at, Pacey barking is probably the last thing we thought would work. A loud bark from a dog the size of Pacey… surely that would scare a baby. Nope. Not this baby.

He loved it and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

The real test now though is to try and get him to giggle and laugh again. And despite everything that I’ve tried since discovering that he can giggle, we have still been unable to get him to giggle again.

Perseverance will surely pay off in the end.

On a side note, yesterday I also went and celebrated Tyler’s (my sisters boyfriend) 30th birthday. Happy Birthday mate… Hope you had an absolute blast of a day and I loved running the field at laser tag with you!!!

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