Home Sweet Home

A few days ago marked 10 years of living in our home.

On the 21st December, 2005 we were just a couple of kids moving into our first home. At just 21 years old there was definitely a sense of pride and accomplishment in purchasing our own home. It wasn’t much, a three bedroom low set brick, nothing fancy. But we loved it and were so excited to be officially starting our life together.

21 December, 2005
I don’t think I expected then to still be living in this house a decade later but so much has happened during our time here and a lot of dreams have been ticked off the list.

While living here we have married, had three pets (one of whom we miss very much) and two foster dogs, welcomed several guests requiring solace (some for a night or two and some for longer), been on four overseas trips, had multiple job changes one of which saw me working out of our home for the past five years. And most recently we became a family of three under this roof.

21 December, 2015
Our home is still a humble one. Our backyard now resembles a race track thanks to our very energetic dog, Pacey. And most of the furniture and appliances are the same ones we bought when we moved in. Travel and adventure have always trumped that sort of stuff for us.

Though we have big plans for our ultimate dream home this place will always be special to us. And a place we’ll call home for a while yet.

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. How beautiful. You both have done amazing things and you positive attitudes and believing in your selves is such a credit to you both. How very very proud I am of you both in how you have conducted yourselves , how you have made sacrifices in order to achieve your goals. You both are trully amazing couple and not to mention what fantastic parents you are to the most gorgeous little fella who is definitely a chip off the old block.. All my love to you…From nan ( yvonne and nannie.xxxc

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