A (not so) terrible case of misktaken identity…

Ok… So you know that Delta Goodrem song ‘Mistaken Identity’? Yea… You know the one, where she croons to everyone that “it’s a terrible case… of mistaken identity.”

Well, that’s been our life for the past week. Although, I wouldn’t exactly call it a terrible case of mistaken identity… I’d probably call it a ‘not so’ terrible case of mistaken identity. Get it… not so terrible case… not so secret life… Okay, I’ll carry on.

So it all started one morning. Jesse woke us up, like normal. Well, I’m still on holidays so Jesse woke Renee up, like normal. And I slept in, like normal. Renee and Jesse came in to wake me up, like normal. We had breakfast, like normal. Jesse was glued to ABC Kids, like normal. Renee started telling me about how we had gotten a sh*t tonne of likes on our Facebook page overnight, not like normal.

Hang on, what’s happened here? Not only were we getting all these new likes on our Facebook page, but they were coming from all over the world. Canada. USA. Germany. Brazil. Mexico. UK.

We couldn’t figure it out. Then we got this inbox message to our Facebook page from one of our new likes, “OMG, I loved your blog about parent sex.”

And then the penny dropped.

Okay, so you may have read this little post about ‘parent sex’ recently. You know, just a little post. Nothing too major. A funny little ditty about trying to sneak in a quickie while the kids are occupied.

Oh who am I kidding… the SUPER ULTRA MEGA VIRAL POST Annoyed emojiabout ‘parent sex’! Insert ‘jealous that we didn’t come up with said post’ emoji here ->

So… as I was saying. This ‘parent sex’ post went mega viral just this past week, so much so that nearly every news network on the internet, worldwide, picked up the story and reported on it. News.com.au, Huffington Post, Tech Insider, Essential Baby, Pop Sugar, The Guardian, Lad Bible, The Sun, The Daily Mail… You name it, they reported on it.

Well, it turns out that the author of the parent sex post, has a blog on WordPress called… wait for it… ‘The not so secret life of us’. And it also turns out, that all the articles that have been written about this post have mentioned said blog. And it also happens, that our blog has a very similar name, ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ (there’s no ‘the’ at the beginning).

Well, after receiving that message over Facebook, we decided to head to Google to type in “the not so secret life of us blog” to see what happens. And as it turns out, our blog (what you’re reading right now) and our Facebook page turn up in the top 3 results.

So as a result of all these articles, our Facebook likes have increased by over 100 in the past week… Alas, our not so terrible case of mistaken identity.

The funny thing is, we constantly brain storm ideas for our blog posts, and one of the things that we always talk about is how great it would be for one of them to go viral. Well, it turns out that we went viral without even lifting a finger. How funny is that!!!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… How dare you piggy back off someone else’s work? Well, while we may be receiving some benefits of this small case of mistaken identity, the actual authors Facebook page has risen by tens of thousands of likes, so the measly 100 that we’ve picked up, is hardly a blip on the radar.

We also wrote a post on our Facebook page letting people know that we weren’t the authors of the parent sex blog, and linking the actual author in the post too.

So as far as all these new likes go, we are happy to take them… and we can only hope that they see value in the posts we write and the content we produce.

So after all that, and after the likes on our page have trickled back to a a few new ones a day now, all I can say is… Renee and I are off to have some parent sex of our own.

Oh, and if you haven’t read the original parent sex post, check it out on the authors Facebook page here.

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