Disaster Chef

I’m a big fan of food. But cooking, not so much. I don’t enjoy it, I’m generally not very good at it and it’s just not my thing (although I do have an award-winning spaghetti in my repertoire).

But I found myself with some overripe bananas today and decided to ‘whip up’ a banana bread. Normally, I would just pop them in the freezer with the intention that I will (eventually, maybe) make banana bread one day. But, given my freezer is already overflowing with said bananas, I decided to actually do it this time.

A homemade banana bread. Seems easy enough right?

I dig out the dry ingredients from the cupboard. Hmmm… Not sure how old this flour is. It’s not moving so must be fine. It’s gonna be sifted anyway. In it goes.

Crap. Recipe calls for brown sugar and I’ve started measuring out my raw sugar. It’s brown…ish. Google seems to think they can be substituted so I go with it. Okay, going well so far. Time for the wet ingredients.

I create the well as instructed and proceed to pour in the milk, eggs etc. Crap! I missed the bit where I was supposed to mix all the wet ingredients and bananas together before combining with dry ingredients.

Oh well, it all ends up in there together eventually. It will be fine.

Melted butter. Crap! I don’t have butter. Just some sort of margarine imposter spread. I really should read the recipe better! In it goes.

Now all that’s left to do is to hope my dodgy oven doesn’t burn it to smithereens.

Oh dear. Looks like disaster chef strikes again. Normally I would throw it out and hide all evidence of my failed endeavour but it’s just too hilarious not to share.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste too bad. Just looks ugly AF.

So now I’m left with really ugly food and a sink full of dirty dishes. And I’m reminded why I don’t cook!

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