Photo Friday: Cranky Santa Photos

So… Jesse got his photo taken with Santa again this year.

However, it didn’t quite go as smoothly as it did last Christmas.

Last Christmas, Jesse was fascinated with the fat man in the red suit with a big bushy white beard. So much so that all he wanted to do was tug on his beard.

This year however… well, I think the photo speaks for itself.

I don’t think Jesse quite liked sitting on Santa’s lap this year. I can’t be positive about that, but it’s definitely a strong feeling I get!

There’s always next year!!!

Our little Christmas Reindeer

So Christmas in the Barton household has officially started! That’s right, the silly season is finally upon us and it’s time the Barton’s got on board!

So yesterday, we kicked off the Christmas season by putting up our Christmas tree, and then heading off to North Lakes for their Christmas Markets and Christmas Carols!

And didn’t Jesse have a great time!

He loved helping to put the Christmas tree up. And by helping I mean he loved pulling the baubles off the tree almost as quickly as we were putting them on. He also liked sucking the glitter off the silver baubles.

And when he wasn’t “helping” with the tree and decorations, he was just being a general pest and pain in the arse. He seemed to be enjoying it though, so we didn’t complain too much.

After the tree went up, it was off to North Lakes for their Christmas markets and carols. And that’s where Jesse really enjoyed himself.

He got his first taste of playing in a petting zoo, which he absolutely LOVED!!! He loves animals and loves petting them, much to our cats disgust because she is the devil and doesn’t like anyone or anything!

But to see him running around the petting zoo chasing the baby animals was the cutest thing ever!

After that, he was stoked to just be able to walk around the markets checking everything out. Every now and again you’d hear a squeal of joy come from him as he tore around the markets, fascinated by all the people, lights and music.

We even stumbled across a Reindeer with a hole that you could stick your face in. He loved that, and kept wanting me to pick him up so he could look through the hole at mummy!

He certainly was our cute little Christmas Reindeer!

And with all the excitement of the day, he fell asleep early so that mummy and daddy could have a relaxing Sunday night with dinner and a movie.

It was the perfect way to kick off this Christmas with our perfect little boy!

We’re back: Christmas & New Year Wrap Up (no pun intended)

And we’re back!

We kind of fell off the radar for a while there amongst the Christmas and New Year black hole. Those two weeks where you don’t even know what day of the week it is and you wind up eating and drinking waaaay too much!

So here’s a little catch up…

Jesse’s first Christmas was so enjoyable. He received loads of pressies from family and friends though he mostly just enjoyed eating the wrapping paper! He got an extra special gift on Christmas morning… the most adorable, (and sharp!) little, white toothy-peg peering up from his bottom gum.


We followed that up with our annual New Year’s trip to the Bunya Mountains. We basically ate ourselves stupid for 5 days and enjoyed the company of some family in one of the many beautiful houses there. See what we got up to here.

Let me just say, staying up until midnight to greet the new year is certainly a lot more difficult these days. Perhaps the last seven months of broken sleep and a significant decrease in alcohol intake has something to do with it!

Despite that though, we did manage to ring in 2016 and it is shaping up to be an incredible year.


We have already kicked off the year with some spring cleaning (is it still called that if it is in 30 degree summer heat?) at home starting with our home office. After it being the place I spent eight hours a day for the last five years working as a business consultant (before becoming a Mum), I will not be returning to my job next month as we had originally planned.

Instead I will be embarking on an exciting new venture with Jesse as my business partner. More on that to come but we are very excited and for us as a family, it feels like one of those opportunities that crops up at just the right time and though completely different to the original plan, ends up being a perfect fit.

We also have some big plans for NSSLOU this year too. We thank you so much for supporting us so far. With so much content on the interweb we really do appreciate you taking the time to read our little diddies and share your personal experiences and words of encouragement with us.

When we started this project we wanted to create something unique. A space to not only share our parenting experiences but also bring together all elements of our life: parenthood, married life, work, fun, travel and adventure as a collective that is the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’. In the hopes that we might be able to bring a little bit of sunshine to your day, make you laugh (or cry) and maybe provide us all with a little bit of comfort that we aren’t the only ones when it comes to life’s many twists and turns. So hopefully we are doing that and can continue to as we embark on the second half of our first year as parents.


We are so excited for the year ahead. We hope in amongst all the festive season fun you too have found some time to reflect on the year that was and plan for 2016. Give yourself permission to dream up some weird and wonderful goals for the year and make it your best year yet!

Happy New Year!

Photo Friday: Jesse’s First Photo with Santa

So we decided to get out and about with Jesse last night. Mostly for some Christmas shopping, but also to get the obligatory ‘baby with Santa’ shot.

And so here it is… Jesse with Santa. Looking up at him wondering who he is exactly.

Jesse and Santa

It was actually pretty cute seeing him on Santa’s knee for the first time in his life. And despite all our and the staff’s efforts to get his attention, he just wouldn’t cooperate with a smile or a glimpse in our direction.

Santa’s beard is just too interesting!

We had a bit of a chuckle about it afterwards and also thought hey, at least he wasn’t screaming in full tantrum mode like some babies in their photo with Santa.

The start of another Christmas tradition.

The Four Gift Rule

This Christmas, is our first as parents.

This Christmas, is Jesse’s first.

This Christmas, is not going to be like any other Christmas’ we have ever had before… and we can’t wait!

Christmas with children is fun. We’ve seen the movies! And we remember what Christmas was like when we we’re kids. It was the best time of year! Waking up to find all the presents Santa had delivered, under the Christmas tree waiting for us to open them.

And even spending time with some of our family who have kids. Just seeing the absolute joy on their faces at Christmas time when they get to open Christmas gifts from Santa and loved ones.

But how much is too much? How do you not go too overboard when getting gifts for your children.

I was recently talking to my sister-in-law who told me about this great tradition that they’ve implemented for gift giving at Christmas. The four gift rule.


When we were talking about it, I absolutely loved the idea of the four gift rule. For a lot of reasons, but mainly because it’s a simple tradition that we can start this Christmas, and keep for many more Christmas’ to come!

So what are your favourite Christmas traditions?

We would love to hear all about how other families spend Christmas and any traditions you have.