The Four Gift Rule

This Christmas, is our first as parents.

This Christmas, is Jesse’s first.

This Christmas, is not going to be like any other Christmas’ we have ever had before… and we can’t wait!

Christmas with children is fun. We’ve seen the movies! And we remember what Christmas was like when we we’re kids. It was the best time of year! Waking up to find all the presents Santa had delivered, under the Christmas tree waiting for us to open them.

And even spending time with some of our family who have kids. Just seeing the absolute joy on their faces at Christmas time when they get to open Christmas gifts from Santa and loved ones.

But how much is too much? How do you not go too overboard when getting gifts for your children.

I was recently talking to my sister-in-law who told me about this great tradition that they’ve implemented for gift giving at Christmas. The four gift rule.


When we were talking about it, I absolutely loved the idea of the four gift rule. For a lot of reasons, but mainly because it’s a simple tradition that we can start this Christmas, and keep for many more Christmas’ to come!

So what are your favourite Christmas traditions?

We would love to hear all about how other families spend Christmas and any traditions you have.


One thought on “The Four Gift Rule

  1. I was trying to work out what the other gift idea was (because I had read people referring to it as a 5 gift tradition a few years ago), and I am assuming the 5th option is Something to Give. Today I came across a blog where they had added 4 options to the original 4. Want, need, wear, read, make, do, share, feed. The extra 4 would be great options for those who want to add something for the family to do together (as a way of giving to others as an example).


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