Baby Barton Diaries: 37 Weeks

When we first announced our pregnancy to the world we asked an old friend of ours (Renee Trubai), who just so happens to be an amazing maternity photographer, to be the one to photograph us throughout our journey into parenthood.

On the lead up to our second shoot, we received a letter from Renee. After opening it, one of the pages was sealed with two little love hearts, and the other one gave us instructions on what to do.

“I’ve enclosed a little note with a few talking points for the morning of our second pregnancy session – only open it on the day.”

So open it on the day we did and what greeted us, was a beautifully crafted page of questions to discuss, all about the what life will be like once baby Barton is born. It was a wonderfully thoughtful gift and soon after discussing the questions it held, we started thinking about answering the questions on camera for a YouTube video that baby Barton would one day be able to watch back.

So all that said, here is Baby Barton Diaries #5. We really enjoyed discussing these questions and can’t wait to experience first hand, some of the answers we gave.

Lastly, you can check out all of our Baby Barton videos in the Baby Barton playlist on YouTube.

The wait continues…

One thought on “Baby Barton Diaries: 37 Weeks

  1. What a wonderful idea to give you those questions to discuss on your second photo shoot. So sweet. Well done Renee Trubai. Love the response to first nappy. It’s a nice way to capture your thoughts and feelings about these coming weeks. Much Love, Nita and co

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