Birthdays and Memories

Today is Kaine’s 31st birthday (and mine was earlier in the month) and despite having a lovely day it is very different to how we spent this day last year.

One year ago today we woke up in Switzerland, had lunch in Italy and ended the day in France.  It is hard to believe it has been a year since our Euro trip so, as a bit of fun, here is a flashback to the vlog for how we spent Kaine’s birthday last year.

We had such an amazing adventure.  We started with a 9 day Top Deck tour followed by a glorious week on the Amalfi Coast before exploring Florence, Venice, Prague and Paris.  We had an absolutely incredible time creating unforgettable memories with great friends as we ate, drank and saw the sights for five wonderful weeks.

You can check out all of our Euro trip vlogs in the Euro Trip 2014 playlist on YouTube.

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