Introducing Jesse Jack Barton

We are very excited to announce that on Wednesday night, 27 May 2015 at 7:50pm, we welcomed our precious little baby boy, Jesse Jack Barton to the world.

He weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 48cm long.

He is absolutely perfect in every way and we are so happy to finally have him home. Home, with us, so we can start this wonderful journey together as a new family.

Jesse Jack Barton 1 Jesse Jack Barton 2 Jesse Jack Barton 3 Jesse Jack Barton 4

2 thoughts on “Introducing Jesse Jack Barton

  1. Just to let you know what wonderful parents you are to the gorgeous baby boy you both have been blessed with.
    Very happy that all went well with his arrival into the world.
    What an experience heh?????? I realize that it feels so overwhelming and like being on a roller coaster ride..The most difficult thing to get used to is the lack of sleep after having for several years of no interuptions..Yes it is all part of being a.parent.. But as you both agree in all of that you wouldnt change it for the world.
    I always knew you both would make wonderful parents and your little man is trully blessed.. I want you to know that if you need me for whatever please dont hesitate to call on me..All my love always.♥♥♥♥♥


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