Photo Friday: The Journey of Jesse


Long before I fell pregnant I saw a collage like this on the inter-web and I really wanted to do it.  So I took a screen shot as you do and it sat in my phone for a long time amongst other pregnancy related photo and video ideas that I loved.

Photo 1: We’re Pregnant

This photograph captures the sheer joy and amazement that we finally saw a positive pregnancy test.  The beginning of the most wonderful adventure.

Photo 2: In Full Bloom

The second photograph was taken at 36 weeks pregnant.  As I hold my swollen belly and relish in the joy of pregnancy we anticipate the little occupant who will soon be joining our family.

Photo 3: Welcome to the World

And finally, I hold the baby in my arms that had occupied my belly for all that time.  I felt a connection with my baby during pregnancy but it has taken on a whole new meaning now that I know it was him in there.  Now that I can kiss his face and touch his feet and we can look into each other’s eyes, I fall more in love each day.

Welcome to the world Jesse Jack Barton.

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