Nappy Changing Milk Machine

It has only been two weeks since Jesse was born but in some ways it already feels like so long ago. I mean, exactly what did we do with our time before?? Oh, that’s right, we had jobs….and we slept.

I feel like we have started to settle into a groove this week. Less concerned about doing everything right and more comfortable simply following our intuition and taking Jesse’s lead.

Here are some parenting wins from our second week:

  • All that feeding paid off and Jesse weighed in above his birth weight (we celebrated with a high five).
  • We managed to leave the house as a family – 3 times!
  • I cried less and slept more.
  • I went out on my own for the first time (under the guise of getting some groceries but also managed a quickie neck and shoulder massage and got my nails painted, ahh the simple pleasures).
  • Jesse passed his healthy hearing test despite it taking ages and needing to be fed half way through.
  • We helped Jesse with his blocked nose by collecting his boogers when he sneezed them out (then we would excitedly discuss the size of it and commend ourselves on a job well done).
  • I managed to wash AND dry my hair
  • A pair of pants that barely fit and wouldn’t do up last week fit me perfectly this week (not exactly a parenting win but I thought it was worth mentioning).

Being a Mum and at the beck and call of a tiny human is a difficult adjustment. Sometimes it feels like I’m not really me any more and my only purpose is to produce milk! But it doesn’t take much for that feeling to pass. A cute, albeit windy smile from my boy, the smell of his sweet skin or his little hand clenched around my finger reminds me how lucky I am to be his Mummy.

Even if for now that means being a nappy changing milk machine.



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