Being a Fit Dad

Being a fit and healthy dad. What exactly does that mean? What does it encompass?

As I stood on the scales at my PT’s gym yesterday for my weekly weigh-in, waiting to see what the damage had been this week I began to think about that question.

As I pondered, I looked down with nervous anticipation as the number flicked up on the screen of the scales. The number staring back at me was 80 kg. Mixed feelings washed over me consisting mostly of disappointment.

‘There’s an 8 at the beginning’, I thought to myself. ‘It’s time to get my health and fitness back on track’.

Now I am well aware that 80 kg isn’t exactly heavy for someone of my height, but I know that my ideal weight is somewhere around the 75 kg mark and that’s when I feel and look my best.

I think every dad out there has their own thoughts on what a fit dad is. So the question I need to ask myself, is what does being a fit dad mean for me?

For me, I think being a fit dad first and foremost means being active, healthy and getting back into my pre-birth routines.

The past 5 weeks have flown by in a blur of nappy changes, cluster feeding and entertaining a newborn. And that has come at the expense of any kind of normalcy as far as routine goes. And because there are only two weeks before I go back to work, it’s a good time to start focusing back on my own habits to get back to feeling and looking my best.


So, keeping in mind there is a new element in the mix (named Jesse Jack Barton) what needs to change? Well, it is my promise to start doing the following:

  • Exercising more regularly (PT sessions, circuit training, walks/runs with the dog).
  • Keep as active as I can, even at work.
  • Eating less and eating healthier options (no alcohol, less sugar, less carbs, more protein, more fresh foods and vegetables).
  • Better sleeping patterns (going to bed earlier and waking up earlier).
  • Start supplementing diet with good vitamins and supplements.
  • Involving Renee and Jesse into these routines wherever possible.

These are all very simple things to do and re-instate, but I now believe that they are more important than ever to do. It’s now time get off my ass and start doing them if I truly want to be a fit dad!

Outside of being a good dad, being a fit dad was the one thing I really wanted to try and achieve. Throughout our pregnancy journey, it’s one of the things that Renee and I would discuss every now and again.

I have always thought of myself as being relatively healthy and fit (except for when I’m on holidays and have a blow out, but hey, doesn’t everyone…). I want to be the dad running around the park or court with our son kicking the football or shooting hoops.

I want to be the dad playing in the backyard or park with our son, pushing him on the swings or playing in the sand pit.

I want to be the dad going to a bike ride with our son through the bush tracks and stopping to look at the weird and wonderful wildlife that he has never seen before.

I want to be the dad that could run and jump and carry and swing our son around when playing with him.

I want to be the dad that our son looks up to and develops good habits from with respect to being active and healthy and fit.

It’s time to chase these goals. It’s time to make a change.

It’s time to be a FIT DAD!

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