Hot In The City: How do you handle the heatwave?

The glorious weather is one of the many reasons I love living in Queensland. And though we are technically still a couple of weeks away from the start of Summer we are about to have our first heatwave of the season.

Call me crazy but I kind of love those steamy, hot days. In saying that, I did not enjoy it a couple of years ago when our air conditioner broke down right in the middle of Christmas holidays!

I remember as a kid houses generally didn’t have air conditioning and we would all head to the shopping centre just to get some reprieve from the searing heat. There were also plenty of trips to the public pool as well.

So, as the mercury rises how do you and your family like to stay cool during a heatwave?

Do you hibernate at home in the air con or do you prefer to get out and head to the beach or favourite swimming spot?

If you’re a Brissy local share your favourite places to go with your family to escape the summer heat.


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