Photo Friday: Beating the heat 

It seems we are on the grip of a month-long heat wave here in Brisbane. It is unrelenting! And at 30 weeks pregnant I have no qualms when it comes to complaining about it. 

Our Tuesday Kanga class is held at an aquatic centre so after class this week, Jesse and I headed out for a swim to cool down. 

I honestly don’t know who enjoyed it more. It was so great to feel cool and weightless in the water. 

We played and cuddled in the water for over an hour and it was heavenly. 

Photo Friday: Story Bridge Climb

Have you ever taken a day (or a week) to explore and be a tourist in your own city?

We like to do this regularly and just recently, to kick off our 10th wedding anniversary, we took in the spectacular sights of Brisbane from the top of the Story Bridge.

Apart from barely making it out alive thanks to a very angry crow (possibly a slight exaggeration by someone with a bird phobia) protecting his nest, the climb was amazing. Definitely an item ticked off the dreams list.



So this weekend I put some shelves up in the office!

That’s right… Just call me DIY Dad!

I… Put up shelves… All by myself… I mean, just have a look at them! They look AMAZING!!!

For those who are wondering why I’m making such a big deal about this, it’s because I’m not exactly what you’d call, a handy man. As far as fixing things or doing work on and around the house, I’m actually pretty useless.

So useless in fact, that I usually have to call my mum… Yes, my mum to come and help me. Why mum? Well that’s because my dad is about as useless as I am when it comes to using tools.

To give you some perspective, my collection of tools consists of a hammer, a hand-me-down drill with no drill bits, one wrench, a half set of screwdrivers (cause I may have lost one or two over the years), and a collection of allen keys that I’ve got from various furniture we’ve bought over the years!

Yup, that’s right, I’m not your typical hands on dad when it comes to this sort of stuff.

But with all that said and done, after a little guidance (thanks mum) I managed to put up our new office shelves ALL BY MYSELF!!!

And that, my friends, is why you can now call me DIY Dad… At least until the next time I need to fix something and I’ll probably call mum again.

But for now, I’m going to revel in my handiwork!

Photo Friday: A portrait of Jesse

I absolutely love photography. I love looking at photography. I love reading about photography. And I love participating in photography. And despite the fact that I have never had any formal training in photography, I think some of the photographs I manage to take, well… are pretty darn good.

So when it comes to what I like to photograph, well, I like to photograph pretty much anything. Nature… Architecture… Portraits… People… I know that professional photographers tend to specialise in one area of photography only, but I’m not a professional. And I do this for fun. So why not!

However, that said I do have one favourite subject that I just absolutely love to photograph. You guessed it… Jesse!

Jesse is by far my favourite subject on earth to photograph. He is just so damn cute… he is forever changing as he grows up day by day… and I just love him to bits.

So when we were home last Sunday and I noticed these beautiful streams of lights coming through the blinds, I went and grabbed our camera just in case a good opportunity came up to take a few photos of Jesse as he played with his blocks.

As I lay on the floor, he spotted that I had the camera and walked straight for me, and stopped right in the streams of light that were filtering through the window. The camera was all set and ready to go, so I started firing of photos as he was standing next to me, inquisitively checking out what I was doing.

And while I was ducking and dodging him trying to grab hold of the camera, I ended up getting this photo of him.

It was completely by accident, and it was a completely spontaneous moment. But it ended with me taking what is now my favourite photo of Jesse that we have got!

It’s also made me realise how much I love portraiture. Maybe this is an area of photography that I need to dive into in a little more detail?



Photo Friday: Hear Her Roar

A little while ago I wrote a blog entitled What Makes You Feel Beautiful about a photography project I had the opportunity to be a part of.

The “Hear Her ROAR” project by Renee Trubai is about showing women the beauty of themselves that has perhaps been forgotten, ignored or tucked away. I was thrilled to be invited and it was extra special as this shoot was done with my two best girlfriends.

Here are a couple of the amazing photographs Renee captured.



We were thrilled with the photographs and we definitely felt beautiful. We were dressed in floral frocks that we felt great wearing, and our make ups were done by my incredibly talented sister. But that is not why we we felt so beautiful.

It’s because we were together. And we laughed and danced and were silly. We were our true selves.

We had such a great time and I think that really shines through in the photographs.

You can check out all the photos on Renee’s site

Thank you Renee





Photo Friday: Autumn Days

One of the things we love about living in Brisbane (there are many) is that it is practically summer all year round. We are starting to see some cooler mornings and evenings but the days are still beautifully warm and sunny.

This week we ventured outdoors a few times to soak up a bit of of Vitamin D and enjoy play time outside.