6 Things I Won’t Miss About Breastfeeding (and 6 that I will)

It is probably a little taboo to talk about breastfeeding in a negative way. And I’m in no way intending to disrespect those that are unable to for whatever reason.

So let me just say I love breastfeeding my baby and feel incredibly lucky that I’ve been able to do so (read about my breastfeeding story here). But there are certainly a few things that I won’t miss when the time comes for us to move on from it.

Things like:

  1. Having to wear a bra 24/7 and being limited to nursing bras at that.
  2. Having to wear breast pads in said bras to avoid unsightly wet patches.
  3. Being limited to outfits that provide easy access to my boobs. I’m really looking forward to being able to wear the other 70% of my wardrobe!
  4. An inquisitive baby craning his neck to smile at his dad, or glimpse at his favourite TV show with nipple still in his mouth (ouch!).
  5. The 5 times a night feeds during his leaps.
  6. Being handed a cranky baby with the comment “I think he wants boob” (like its the magic cure for everything).

Having said that there are some things I definitely will miss.

Things like:

  1. That it is pretty much the magic cure for everything (from hunger to conjunctivitis…who knew!)
  2. The gentle strokes on my arm or breast or the foot that gently lands on my arm from a contented little boy as he feeds.
  3. Gorgeous cheeky grins as he looks up at me mid-feed, milk spilling from his smile.
  4. The convenience of being able to sleep whilst feeding throughout the night (we can regularly be found asleep in the nursing chair at 5am, boob out).
  5. Marvelling at how a body that once fit snug in the crook of one arm is now stretching over my entire lap.
  6. Being the only one who can provide that comforting feeling that breastfeeding brings for my son (though this can also take its toll when you feel like you haven’t left the couch in 4 days).


I know that when that last feed happens, though I probably won’t know its the last feed at the time, that I will no doubt feel a bit sad that its over. But there is part of me that won’t mind to have my body back, be able to let ‘the girls’ roam free if I feel and be able to wear a dress again (one that doesn’t require buttons or the ability to slip down).

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