Footage Friday: YouTube Trailer

As you would know by now, as part of our ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ project and blog, we have our own YouTube channel.

Well, one of the projects that we kept putting off, was our NSSLOU YouTube Trailer. This is basically a video that any new visitors to our YouTube channel will be presented with, giving them a snapshot into our lives and what our channel is all about.

And can we just say, that we are absolutely stoked with how it’s turned out!

We went through all of our old footage dating right back to when we were first married… and combined it into a 3min long highlight reel of our lives so far. So check the video out below, and while you’re at it, go hit us up on YouTube and leave us a like, a comment and subscribe… 😉

Peace out! (I think we need to come up with a better sign off… hahaha…)

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