Dads Rule: Why we should give dads more credit

Lately I’ve been giving the ladies a gee up and boasting about how awesome women are, but I haven’t forgotten about the guys. Dads in particular.

There’s been lots of stories lately about how dads get a bad wrap and treated like unhelpful idiots when it comes to babies and parenting. I wholeheartedly agree that just because there are a few lousy dads out there (you know, the ones that call spending time alone with their child babysitting), not all men are crap dads.

In fact, most dads that I know are just as hands on with their kids as mums. And some of them even do housework. I know… you’re wondering how to get one of those husbands, but I found one, so I’m sure they’re out there!

The awesome dad does the early morning shift so mum can sleep in. The awesome dad jigs baby to sleep while singing lullabies that he knows none of the words to but makes them up anyway.

He can’t wait to play or cuddle or do bath time in the evenings even though he’s just finished a long day at work. He makes sure the car seat is in just right and he panics over every little scratch, bump and bruise. The awesome dad sneaks into bubba’s room just to marvel at how gosh darn cute he is.

And who says men can’t multitask?? The awesome dad can play PlayStation and get baby to sleep!

The reason I know these awesome dads exist is because I see it every day. I’m married to one.


On top of all this he also reassures me on a regular basis that I’m an awesome mum. And we can not hear that enough can we mum’s?

So here’s to the awesome dads. The ones that wrestle the floor, give shoulder rides and read bedtime stories.

You rock!

And to my husband, not only do you rock, but you are my rock.


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