The countdown begins…

The countdown has begun.

The countdown to my last day of work before I start my leave to welcome Baby Barton #2 into this world has begun.

And damn I’m getting excited!

Thursday, 6 April 2017 will be my last day at work for the next 6 weeks. That’s right… the start of 6 weeks of holidays leave is almost here. But while I may not be at work, I will still have plenty of work to do!

I wish I could say that it’s going to be a holiday… but those of you who have had the pleasure of having a newborn at home know that a lot of the time, it’s the farthest thing from a holiday! Throw into the mix the fact that we already have a toddler and that we will for a few weeks have the distinct pleasure of having two under two… it’s sure to be a recipe for disaster! Or that’s at least what I’m preparing myself for.

Nah… in all honesty, I’m really looking forward to it. At the end of the day, it will be some much needed family time together, without the stresses and distractions of work. We will just have to deal with a different type of stress… the stress of a newborn.

With all that said, it still doesn’t quite feel all that real as yet. I mean, all the signs are there… we’ve completed the new nursery for Baby Barton #2. We’ve washed the tiny baby clothes we had away in storage. Renee’s belly is growing by the minute… but it still doesn’t feel like we are going to have another tiny little baby in our arms any week now. It still feels as though it hasn’t fully sunk in as yet.

Another baby? Really? Is it actually going to happen?

Of course it’s going to happen… maybe it just hasn’t sunken in yet because I’m still so focused on other things. But it’s going to happen!

The big question from here is… when is it going to happen?

Well, the official due date is 19 April 2017. But, Renee is currently full term and with our last pregnancy, Jesse decided he wanted to meet the world early. So what about this time around… well, I am going on the record with the following predictions…

Baby Barton #2 will be a girl, born on 12 April 2017, weighing in at 6lb 5oz and will be 51cm in length.

It won’t be too long before we find out if my predictions are right!

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