Photo Friday: How Much Has Jesse Grown?

So for Photo Friday today, we thought that we might share some photos we have recently taken, showing the comparison between Jesse from just after birth, until just recently.

Our little Jesse is growing so quickly. Well, that’s how it seems to us. Being only around 2.6kg when he was first born, to now being 5.5kg, means that we can definitely see the difference.

He is growing and filling out more and more every day and lately, we haven’t been able to control ourselves when it comes to playing with his chubby little arms, legs and cheeks.

So how much has he grown, well have a look below and see for yourself. We think he is just getting cuter and cuter every… single… day!

Jesse at 14 days old:14 days

Jesse at 9 weeks old:9 weeks

Jesse at 10 days old:10 days

Jesse at 10 weeks old:10 weeks

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