How Do You Do Date Night?

One of the things that we as a couple want to make sure we do, is to put aside and spend some quality time together. It is important in any marriage to spend time together. Especially after having kids.

One of the concepts we love, is date night. That one night every one or two weeks that we get to do something together, without Jesse.

We unofficially had our first date night just recently, after we took a trip to the wonderful Eat Street Markets. We did however, this time around, take Jesse with us. I think that’s because we are still in that stage of loving every single hour, minute, second that we spend with him. And because of that, we don’t mind taking him with us.

Eat Street Markets is a fabulous way to spend date night too. With so many different foods and cuisines on offer, live music and plenty of knick knacks to browse through, it’s definitely a place I see us visiting regularly for date night.

All that said, how do you spend your date night? Is there anything in Brisbane that we should consider doing on a date night of our own?

I can say this though, I can’t wait to go back to Eat Street Markets!

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