365 Project: 100+ Days In

So I know I’ve touched on this before… but wow… we are now up to day 116 of our 365 Project! How insane is that!!!

I cannot believe that we have made it this far…

A photo every day.

A post every day.

All showing off what our lives are like as a first time mum and dad.


The 365 Project has been many things… challenging… tough… fun… exciting… hard… easy…

Having to come up with a photo and post EVERY DAY has been challenging at times… but we knew that we were not going to be in for an easy ride with this project.

All that said though, we are having an absolute blast doing it.

Looking back on all the photos I’ve taken, all I can think about is the end game. The end result. That book that we will end up with that shows what our lives were like in that first year with our little Jesse.


How amazing is that going to be to share with friends and family! How amazing will that be to share with other first time mums and dads out there to show them hey, you aren’t the only ones who have felt like this or gone through that. You aren’t alone. We’ve all been there. And we will all be better off for it!

But the best thing of all, how amazing is it going to be to share this book with Jesse when he is older! How amazing is it going to be for Jesse to be able to read all about his first year of life through our eyes as first time parents.

All the ups and downs… the trials and tribulations… the struggles and the victories… How much our lives changed but also how we wouldn’t have had it any other way…


While I don’t want to wish the year away, I cannot wait to see this book in all its glory at the end of this project!

The 365 Project continues…

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