To Travel Is To Live

I’m not sure when or how my love of travel started. I guess it has just always been there.

Growing up we were not the “go away every school holidays” type of family. We had a couple of family getaways up or down the coast over the years which are still special memories for me. But we certainly didn’t travel a lot. In fact, my parents were in their 40’s before their first overseas trip.

But I had the travel bug even before I knew what that meant.

Our first overseas trip was in 2007, the year after we married. We went to Las Vegas for 5 nights. It seems completely ridiculous to me now to have gone all that way for such a short time but after buying a house and paying for a wedding it was all we could afford. And at the time it didn’t seem strange at all. We were just so excited and crammed so much in to that short time.


Why Vegas? Why not! It might seem tacky to some but it is still one of my favourite places on earth. For me, going there was a dream come true. And being able to see my most favourite singer, Celine Dion in her show ‘A New Day’ was an amazing experience.

Our next trip was in 2009 to New Zealand. We travelled around the south island in a motor home with two of our closest friends who just so happen to be Kaine’s brother and his now wife.

Not many people would be able to survive living in such close quarters for that period of time but we not only survived, we had a blast.


So much so that in 2011 we had a ‘buddy moon’ with them. The day after they married we got on a plane and spent 3 weeks in the US. A highlight of which was a week in Vegas where we met up with another 4 of our friends.

IMG_3472 - Copy

Our most recent trip was last year. We spent 5 weeks travelling around Europe with some special friends to celebrate our 30th birthdays. This trip was absolutely incredible. And it was quite healing for me in a way.


We had spent the 18 months prior to that trip trying to fall pregnant. But that holiday helped me realise that everything would happen with the most perfect timing and that it was God’s plan unfolding, not my own.

We really lived it up during those 5 weeks (as you can see in our daily vlogs) and created such unforgettable memories.


My favourite thing about travel is that it reminds me we really are all the same. No matter our religion, background, social status, profession or IQ we all gather at sights around the world and marvel with child-like enthusiasm.

We sit in silent awe within the Sacre Cour, we stare with wonderment into the Trevi Fountain, we cheer with delight as the Eiffel Tower sparkles and we gaze in disbelief at the Colosseum.

There is something about planning a trip that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It turns me on, I love it. I’m not a detailed person by any means but trip preparation has me researching for hours and creating spreadsheets and itineraries. I love it.

And its a good thing I do. Our next dream trip is right here in our own backyard. Our epic Aussie adventure. Call us crazy but we intend to sell up shop and spend 12 months on the road travelling this amazing country of ours. It will be the biggest travel undertaking by far and will require plenty of planning and preparation.

But what an amazing opportunity for our little family to experience together.

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