The Big Lap: Must See Events?

So today was Bathurst 1000 Day. The race that stops the nation!

We love ourselves a bit of Bathurst action, and today, we made the decision to kick back for the whole day to watch the race. 161 laps of V8 goodness.

It got us to thinking though, about how on many occasions we’ve spoken about making the trip down to Mt Panorama to watch it live one year. To take it the sights, sounds and smells of an authentic Bathurst experience.

We are currently in the early stages of planning a road trip around Australia! We’re going to do the big lap! Young nomads on the road exploring our own country.

And today something clicked. As we were watching V8s race around the famous Aussie track we thought, let’s stop at Mt Panorama on our big lap trip! What a perfect opportunity to get tickets to see Bathurst live!

Photo: Fox Sports News, Twitter

It then got us thinking further… Well, apart from Bathurst, what other famous events could we attend while we travel round our magnificent country?

So what are some events that we could plan for on our travels around Australia? What are the must see events that are on your list?

We have come up with a few that we would like to attend on our travels around this great country. The ones we have thought of so far are:

  • Bathurst 1000 (obviously)
  • Gympie Music Muster
  • Tamworth Country Music Festival
  • Australian Open (tennis)
  • Rugby League State of Origin (NSW/QLD)

Being that we have only seen a very small portion of Australia, we are really looking forward to this big trip. And the fact that we can attend so many amazing events that Australia has on offer while we are on the road, will only make it better!

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