Photo Friday: Story Bridge Climb

Have you ever taken a day (or a week) to explore and be a tourist in your own city?

We like to do this regularly and just recently, to kick off our 10th wedding anniversary, we took in the spectacular sights of Brisbane from the top of the Story Bridge.

Apart from barely making it out alive thanks to a very angry crow (possibly a slight exaggeration by someone with a bird phobia) protecting his nest, the climb was amazing. Definitely an item ticked off the dreams list.


Flashback Footage Friday: Euro Trip Day 3

We can’t believe it has now been two years since our epic Euro adventure.

This day in 2014 saw us tick a massive item off our bucket list – seeing the Eiffel Tour. We also ate snails, visited the Sacre Coeur and the iconic Moulin Rouge. It was the first real opportunity to sight see on the trip as the first few days were taken up mostly with being on planes, trains or automobiles.

Photo Friday: Melbourne Getaway

Last Friday, we packed our bags… Left the dog in the capable hands of Renee’s parents… Picked up Renee’s sister Lia and left for a plane headed to Melbourne.

It would be Jesse’s second trip to Melbourne in as many weeks! So needless to say, he was pretty excited.

We didn’t get much video footage while we were down there, but we got plenty of photos. And wow, what perfect weather to take photos. Melbourne really turned it on for us with glorious days the whole time we were down there.

Jesse had a blast. We had a blast. Lia and her boyfriend Matt had a blast…

We can’t wait to go back!

The family arrives…
Well hi there Melbourne! Nice to see you again. 🙂
Someone is excited to be here!!!
It’s hard to eat dinner when a certain someone falls asleep on you!
M E L B O U R N E  N I G H T S ! ! !
On of the things we love about Melbourne, is the street art!
A quick picnic before we head back to the airport… and one hung over Matt!
Last call before we board a flight back to Brisbane…

See you again soon Melbourne. See you again soon…

Footage Friday: YouTube Trailer

As you would know by now, as part of our ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’ project and blog, we have our own YouTube channel.

Well, one of the projects that we kept putting off, was our NSSLOU YouTube Trailer. This is basically a video that any new visitors to our YouTube channel will be presented with, giving them a snapshot into our lives and what our channel is all about.

And can we just say, that we are absolutely stoked with how it’s turned out!

We went through all of our old footage dating right back to when we were first married… and combined it into a 3min long highlight reel of our lives so far. So check the video out below, and while you’re at it, go hit us up on YouTube and leave us a like, a comment and subscribe… 😉

Peace out! (I think we need to come up with a better sign off… hahaha…)

Footage Friday: Great Ocean Road Highlights

So around this time two years ago, we travelled around Melbourne and more specifically, along the Great Ocean Road.

We had a full week taking in the sights that the beautiful Great Ocean Road had to offer and it did not disappoint!

This is the highlights package we put together from our week down there:

We can’t wait to visit the Great Ocean Road again when we do our big lap of Australia. It’s going to be epic!!!

What Happens On Tour…

I never thought I was the tour group kind of traveller. Part of what I love most about travel is planning it. The places we’ll visit, where we’ll stay and just being on our own schedule.

But for the first leg of our Euro Trip last year we joined a Top Deck tour and it was great. It was actually really fun to have all the details taken care of and just go along for the ride.

The best part though, was the new friends we made. There were a few lovely people that we really connected with and enjoyed sharing our holiday with.

And one of those lovely people is in our neck of the woods this week so we are having a bit if a Euro reunion dinner. Italian food is in the menu, fitting don’t you think!

Euro friends 1

That said, I think our ‘young people group tour’ days are over after one go. After 9 days, I must admit we’d had enough of the bunk beds and crappy pillows, early rises and packing our bags every second day. As much fun as we had on tour we were so ready for a week on the Amalfi Coast in a stunning apartment on the water.

Lucky that’s just what we did!

The Big Lap: Must See Events?

So today was Bathurst 1000 Day. The race that stops the nation!

We love ourselves a bit of Bathurst action, and today, we made the decision to kick back for the whole day to watch the race. 161 laps of V8 goodness.

It got us to thinking though, about how on many occasions we’ve spoken about making the trip down to Mt Panorama to watch it live one year. To take it the sights, sounds and smells of an authentic Bathurst experience.

We are currently in the early stages of planning a road trip around Australia! We’re going to do the big lap! Young nomads on the road exploring our own country.

And today something clicked. As we were watching V8s race around the famous Aussie track we thought, let’s stop at Mt Panorama on our big lap trip! What a perfect opportunity to get tickets to see Bathurst live!

Photo: Fox Sports News, Twitter

It then got us thinking further… Well, apart from Bathurst, what other famous events could we attend while we travel round our magnificent country?

So what are some events that we could plan for on our travels around Australia? What are the must see events that are on your list?

We have come up with a few that we would like to attend on our travels around this great country. The ones we have thought of so far are:

  • Bathurst 1000 (obviously)
  • Gympie Music Muster
  • Tamworth Country Music Festival
  • Australian Open (tennis)
  • Rugby League State of Origin (NSW/QLD)

Being that we have only seen a very small portion of Australia, we are really looking forward to this big trip. And the fact that we can attend so many amazing events that Australia has on offer while we are on the road, will only make it better!

To Travel Is To Live

I’m not sure when or how my love of travel started. I guess it has just always been there.

Growing up we were not the “go away every school holidays” type of family. We had a couple of family getaways up or down the coast over the years which are still special memories for me. But we certainly didn’t travel a lot. In fact, my parents were in their 40’s before their first overseas trip.

But I had the travel bug even before I knew what that meant.

Our first overseas trip was in 2007, the year after we married. We went to Las Vegas for 5 nights. It seems completely ridiculous to me now to have gone all that way for such a short time but after buying a house and paying for a wedding it was all we could afford. And at the time it didn’t seem strange at all. We were just so excited and crammed so much in to that short time.


Why Vegas? Why not! It might seem tacky to some but it is still one of my favourite places on earth. For me, going there was a dream come true. And being able to see my most favourite singer, Celine Dion in her show ‘A New Day’ was an amazing experience.

Our next trip was in 2009 to New Zealand. We travelled around the south island in a motor home with two of our closest friends who just so happen to be Kaine’s brother and his now wife.

Not many people would be able to survive living in such close quarters for that period of time but we not only survived, we had a blast.


So much so that in 2011 we had a ‘buddy moon’ with them. The day after they married we got on a plane and spent 3 weeks in the US. A highlight of which was a week in Vegas where we met up with another 4 of our friends.

IMG_3472 - Copy

Our most recent trip was last year. We spent 5 weeks travelling around Europe with some special friends to celebrate our 30th birthdays. This trip was absolutely incredible. And it was quite healing for me in a way.


We had spent the 18 months prior to that trip trying to fall pregnant. But that holiday helped me realise that everything would happen with the most perfect timing and that it was God’s plan unfolding, not my own.

We really lived it up during those 5 weeks (as you can see in our daily vlogs) and created such unforgettable memories.


My favourite thing about travel is that it reminds me we really are all the same. No matter our religion, background, social status, profession or IQ we all gather at sights around the world and marvel with child-like enthusiasm.

We sit in silent awe within the Sacre Cour, we stare with wonderment into the Trevi Fountain, we cheer with delight as the Eiffel Tower sparkles and we gaze in disbelief at the Colosseum.

There is something about planning a trip that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It turns me on, I love it. I’m not a detailed person by any means but trip preparation has me researching for hours and creating spreadsheets and itineraries. I love it.

And its a good thing I do. Our next dream trip is right here in our own backyard. Our epic Aussie adventure. Call us crazy but we intend to sell up shop and spend 12 months on the road travelling this amazing country of ours. It will be the biggest travel undertaking by far and will require plenty of planning and preparation.

But what an amazing opportunity for our little family to experience together.

Photo Friday: Baby’s First Camping Trip

Every year in the last week of August you will find us getting our country on at the Gympie Music Muster. We have been going for over 10 years and it is definitely one of the highlights of our calendar.

This year however was a little different to most. This year we had our 3 month old baby with us.


Yes, call us crazy, but we took Bub on his first camping trip, 5 nights in the Amamoor State Forest with 50,000 of our closest friends.

And he handled it like a champ!

What I thought was going to be an agonising car trip turned out to be a breeze. He slept the whole way there and back. And the little guy took to camping like a pro. Thunderstorm and all.


We must say a big thank you to our awesome friends for being so understanding of our situation and for helping to make our time so enjoyable. It was incredibly reassuring to hear how happy they were that we didn’t back out because we had a baby and that it in no way negatively affected their time (no one really gets much sleep at Muster anyway).


Obviously he is our number one priority and we made all the necessary adjustments to ensure he was safe and comfortable. But it was also great to prove that we can still do the things we love even though we are parents now.


Birthdays and Memories

Today is Kaine’s 31st birthday (and mine was earlier in the month) and despite having a lovely day it is very different to how we spent this day last year.

One year ago today we woke up in Switzerland, had lunch in Italy and ended the day in France.  It is hard to believe it has been a year since our Euro trip so, as a bit of fun, here is a flashback to the vlog for how we spent Kaine’s birthday last year.

We had such an amazing adventure.  We started with a 9 day Top Deck tour followed by a glorious week on the Amalfi Coast before exploring Florence, Venice, Prague and Paris.  We had an absolutely incredible time creating unforgettable memories with great friends as we ate, drank and saw the sights for five wonderful weeks.

You can check out all of our Euro trip vlogs in the Euro Trip 2014 playlist on YouTube.