What Happens On Tour…

I never thought I was the tour group kind of traveller. Part of what I love most about travel is planning it. The places we’ll visit, where we’ll stay and just being on our own schedule.

But for the first leg of our Euro Trip last year we joined a Top Deck tour and it was great. It was actually really fun to have all the details taken care of and just go along for the ride.

The best part though, was the new friends we made. There were a few lovely people that we really connected with and enjoyed sharing our holiday with.

And one of those lovely people is in our neck of the woods this week so we are having a bit if a Euro reunion dinner. Italian food is in the menu, fitting don’t you think!

Euro friends 1

That said, I think our ‘young people group tour’ days are over after one go. After 9 days, I must admit we’d had enough of the bunk beds and crappy pillows, early rises and packing our bags every second day. As much fun as we had on tour we were so ready for a week on the Amalfi Coast in a stunning apartment on the water.

Lucky that’s just what we did!

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