Photo Friday: Food, Glorious Food

This week we decided to start Jesse on solids….well, if you can call purée a solid.


Five months may be a little early if you ask the ‘experts’ but he has been giving us all the signs that he was ready for more than a liquid diet.

So we started off with something basic. Some organic pumpkin and swede boiled and blitzed with a little breast milk for added goodness.

And well, we think he liked it.

PA260071 PA260079 PA260080

We love these photographs captured on our new camera (Olympus EM10 Mark II).

And for good measure, here is a little video too.

One thought on “Photo Friday: Food, Glorious Food

  1. How beautiful are these pictures of Jesse and the ongoing commentary of all the different milestones he is achieving..If I can give you a little word of encouragement no body but the childs mother knows exactly when their child is ready to try some new things in his life..Jesse is certainly readyffor some solid foods..He looks like he is really enjoying it..Keep up the great effort. You are both wonderful parents. Xxx

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