So this weekend I put some shelves up in the office!

That’s right… Just call me DIY Dad!

I… Put up shelves… All by myself… I mean, just have a look at them! They look AMAZING!!!

For those who are wondering why I’m making such a big deal about this, it’s because I’m not exactly what you’d call, a handy man. As far as fixing things or doing work on and around the house, I’m actually pretty useless.

So useless in fact, that I usually have to call my mum… Yes, my mum to come and help me. Why mum? Well that’s because my dad is about as useless as I am when it comes to using tools.

To give you some perspective, my collection of tools consists of a hammer, a hand-me-down drill with no drill bits, one wrench, a half set of screwdrivers (cause I may have lost one or two over the years), and a collection of allen keys that I’ve got from various furniture we’ve bought over the years!

Yup, that’s right, I’m not your typical hands on dad when it comes to this sort of stuff.

But with all that said and done, after a little guidance (thanks mum) I managed to put up our new office shelves ALL BY MYSELF!!!

And that, my friends, is why you can now call me DIY Dad… At least until the next time I need to fix something and I’ll probably call mum again.

But for now, I’m going to revel in my handiwork!

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