Sleeping baby. Nek Minnut…

So imagine this… it’s a Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting at my computer at work, missing Renee and Jesse like crazy. I decide to send Renee a quick text to see how it’s all going.

I get a text back saying everything is great. They had a great time at the shops, especially Jesse. He had such a great time in fact, that he is soundly sleeping.

Not long after that I get this photo through.


O … M … G …

My heart melted and all I wanted to do was leave work, head home and snuggle into him while he slept.

I shoot a text message back through about how cute he looks.

Two minutes later, I get another text from Renee saying “Scrap that, this is him now!”


My first reaction was… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!

Then, I kind of felt a little happy that I was at work and didn’t have to deal with his tantrums all afternoon.

Good luck with that babe… I ummm, actually have a lot of work to do, so I better get back to it. HAHAHA…

Oh how quickly things can change when you have kids!

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