We need your help…

We need your help…

We have never used our blog to ask for help before. And we certainly don’t want to come across as taking advantage of our followers through our internet presence. But we really do need your help.

Our extended family is currently going through a tough time in their lives. It’s a story we’re sure a lot of other families out there are familiar with. It’s a story that ultimately, never seems to have a happy ending. It’s a story, that involves cancer.

Aunty Carmel, a dear member of our family, is in urgent need of a daily home palliative care nurse to help with her needs during the day so that Uncle Phil can still go to work to pay the household bills while still being able to take time out to look after and spend quality time with her.

Aunty Carmel is by no means a burden and we all love spending time with her. Unfortunately the care required is going to be quite costly and their only other alternative is to be put on the QLD Health wait list for free assistance. Sadly time is not with her.

Aunty Carmel has the biggest heart of anyone we have met. She would give anything to help anyone in their time of need without expecting anything in return, which even extended to total strangers. This is just one example of the type of selfless, caring woman she is, which is why she is so dearly loved by everyone that has had the pleasure of her in their lives.

Sadly Aunty Carmel is bed ridden after being diagnosed with Melanoma cancer. And unfortunately, she now needs our help, but would never ask for it.

A ‘Go Fund Me’ page has been created as a way of us helping these wonderful, loving people to not have to worry about financial costs and just enjoy each others company with the time they have left together.

Please help us make their time together easier by donating as much, or as little as you can afford.

Help us, help them fight!

Help Aunty Carmel – Donate Now


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