Footage Friday: Caravan Shows and Swimming

T.G.I.F… Why? Because that means it’s Footage Friday again!

On Sunday last weekend, you would have seen us post about the fact that we went to a Caravan Expo and also took Jesse for his first swim.

Well, we thought that it would be a good opportunity to take the vlogging camera with us so we could record what we got up to throughout the day.

We finally got around to editing, exporting and uploading it last night. So here it is, ready for your viewing pleasure on Footage Friday.

Jesse’s First Swim

Spring time in Queensland is glorious. So we definitely wanted to take advantage of this amazing weather with a road trip today.

So we packed the car, bundled Jesse up and hit the road to the big smoke for a Caravan and Camping Show and then for lunch and a swim at South Bank.

As you would have read previously, we are in the early stages of planning a big trip around Australia. So when we found out there was a caravan and camping show sale on just outside the Brisbane CBD, we definitely wanted to head in for a look.

But the best part of the day was when we headed over the Brisbane River to South Bank for lunch and a swim. Jesse’s first swim. And it was the perfect opportunity to try our new camera outdoors (since the weather has been rainy and overcast for the past week). We couldn’t wait.

After absolutely demolishing a couple of burgers for lunch, and feeding Jesse his puréed fruit, it was time to jump into the pool to cool off. Jump in for Jesse’s first swim. A swim we knew Jesse was going to love.

And love it he did. He didn’t flinch one bit when Renee took him into the water. And he didn’t complain once while he was in there. Instead, just after i’d finished taking the photos that you can see below, he fell asleep in the water. He really must have loved the cool water against his hot skin.



It was so cute seeing him enjoying his first swim. Even if it meant that he didn’t enjoy it for very long on account of him falling asleep. But it was great to have such beautiful weather that we could actually get outside and enjoy spring in Brisbane.



After our little swim, we decided to head off and have a wander through the South Bank markets. Our little family. The three of us, out on a Sunday enjoying the outdoors together.

Before we had Jesse I would look at little families and often think, they look like a nice family. I wonder if young couples look at us now and think the same thing?


After having such a great day out, on the way home in the car discussion turned to how we should actually get out and enjoy the great outdoors more often. There are YouTubers we watch that are always getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Whether that be just walking around enjoying the sun, or getting our for a skate, bike ride or mountain climbing.

And I even know a few people at my work who are always out and about on weekends. Sharing photos of their latest adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

We came to the conclusion that it doesn’t really cost any money to go out on adventures like that. And that it is definitely something we need to do a lot more of. Especially now that we have such a nice camera to use.

So where do you go on adventures to? Where is your favourite place outdoors to visit? What suggestions could you give us for our next adventure as a family?

As I finish off this post, all I can think about is how excited I am for our next outdoors adventure as a family. #family #love

I Love Rugby League

Ok… So before you read on, let me give you a little warning about this post.

  1. It’s all about the great sport that is Rugby League.
  2. It’s completely biased toward the Brisbane Broncos.

Right, now that’s out the way, let me just say that I love Rugby League. I love my footy. And most of all, I LOVE the Brisbane Broncos!


Today is the 2015 National Rugby League (NRL) Grand Final, and I am excited! Despite the fact it means another season of amazing footy is all but finished. I am excited for three reasons…

  1. The Brisbane Broncos are playing in the Grand Final tonight!
  2. The North Queensland Cowboys are also playing in the Grand Final tonight.
  3. This means that no NSW teams made the Grand Final.

This is the first time ever, that two Queensland teams have made the Grand Final. And it’s very exciting.

I have been a massive fan of the Broncos for a long time now. Being that I was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, and also that my dad has supported the Broncos since they entered the competition in 1988, it was only logical that I too supported the mighty Broncos. Six premierships later the Broncos are one of the most successful clubs in the NRL and are often referred to as the ‘glamour club’. All that said, all I know is this… I love the mighty maroon and gold and every time they run out onto the field I am cheering for them to come home with a win.

So, imagine my excitement when we entered 2015. 26 regular season rounds and 3 finals rounds later, we are in the GRAND FINAL! What makes this even sweeter is of course, the fact that there are no NSW teams are playing in today’s game. And the only thing that will top this off as one of the best sporting days of the past, almost ten years, is the Broncos winning the Grand Final.

Facebook photo

So today, to celebrate the achievements of Queensland Rugby League, we are having a Grand Final party to celebrate the fact that two Queensland teams will face each other on the biggest day in the NRL calendar. And hopefully, the celebrations will run into a celebration of Broncos winning the Grand Final!

I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again… GEEZ I LOVE MY FOOTY!!!

So that all said, it’s time for me to sign off. The beers are cold, the food is ready and the game of the day is about to start…


Footage Friday: Mum and Dads Day Off

So a couple of weekends ago, we kind of tagged teamed our parenting responsibilities on the Saturday so that we could both go out and enjoy ourselves. It guess you could call it, ‘Mum and Dads Day Off’.

We decided to do a video blog on the day, but until only recently, all the footage remained on our hard drive as an unedited project. Well, I finally got around to editing it, so we can finally share what we got up to on the day…

After all, this is called the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’!

Renee had the morning shift with Jesse so that I could go out to celebrate the 30th Birthday of my sister’s boyfriend. He had schedule a bunch of us (about 20) to play Laser Tag at Mango Hill Skirmish.

It was an absolute blast and was even a great workout, running around the course in camouflage and with a heavy Laser Tag gun.

I got home just after lunch to take the afternoon shift with Jesse so that Renee could head to a country music themed race day at Doomben Racecourse. She also had a blast, having the afternoon and evening off and being able to indulge in a few beers too.

We capped the night off with some finals football (Rugby League) at home and were all tucked up and in bed all before the stroke of midnight.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day of fun I think…

Photo Friday: Spring in the City

Spring is probably my favourite season of the year. And in Queensland, the gods really turn it on for us each year when spring eventually rolls around.


Spring has officially begun. We are now 11 days into what I think is the best season of the year and it’s already looking like it’s going to be a spectacular one. The skies are blue. The trees are starting to get their leaves and flowers back. The grass is the greenest I’ve seen it. And the temperature is that perfect mix between being not too cold and not too warm…

It is absolute heaven…

I work in Brisbane City. Always have done. And spring is the perfect season to get out and about to soak up the sun on leisurely lunch time walks.


On more than one occasion over the past week I have found myself walking through the Brisbane Botanical Gardens enjoying this heavenly weather we are experiencing. I’ll often walk through looking at the gardens daydreaming about our future with little Jesse. Or sit on the grass and soak up the sun thinking back about how lucky we are to have such a perfect little man in our lives.


It is incredibly soothing and relaxing to be able to get outdoors and just clear your mind on a daily basis, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Brisbane and the stress of work.

Spring in Queensland, is perfect!

So, do you enjoy spring as much as I do? What do enjoy doing in spring that relaxes you?