Footage Friday: Mum and Dads Day Off

So a couple of weekends ago, we kind of tagged teamed our parenting responsibilities on the Saturday so that we could both go out and enjoy ourselves. It guess you could call it, ‘Mum and Dads Day Off’.

We decided to do a video blog on the day, but until only recently, all the footage remained on our hard drive as an unedited project. Well, I finally got around to editing it, so we can finally share what we got up to on the day…

After all, this is called the ‘Not So Secret Life Of Us’!

Renee had the morning shift with Jesse so that I could go out to celebrate the 30th Birthday of my sister’s boyfriend. He had schedule a bunch of us (about 20) to play Laser Tag at Mango Hill Skirmish.

It was an absolute blast and was even a great workout, running around the course in camouflage and with a heavy Laser Tag gun.

I got home just after lunch to take the afternoon shift with Jesse so that Renee could head to a country music themed race day at Doomben Racecourse. She also had a blast, having the afternoon and evening off and being able to indulge in a few beers too.

We capped the night off with some finals football (Rugby League) at home and were all tucked up and in bed all before the stroke of midnight.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day of fun I think…

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